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If you want to modify your vehicle, you need to know the difference between different wheels


In the modern society that pursues individuality, it is […]

In the modern society that pursues individuality, it is not unusual to modify the details of the vehicle, so what is the most necessary modification? Of course, it is to modify the wheel hub, which can not only exert the best performance of the car, but also within the allowable range of vehicle modification by national regulations.

Nissan Cube Wheel Hub 43202-EE500

1. The difference between forged wheels and cast wheels
The difference between forged wheels and cast wheels is mainly in the production process:
The forged wheel hub is made by pressing about 10,000 tons of high pressure into a prototype. Its intermolecular distance is smaller, the density is higher, and it is lighter and stronger.

The casting wheel hub is to pour the liquid alloy into the mold and let it be cold-cut, which is the lowest production cost, or use low pressure to shape the liquid alloy, which is safer and more detailed than the former.

2. Why refit into forged wheels
Why convert to forged wheels? Different people have different answers. But to sum up, it is basically the pursuit of personalization, the pursuit of lightweight (better handling, safer) and so on.

First of all, according to interviews with some good car owners, we learned that when people judge the appearance of a car, the wheel hub accounts for a very large proportion. Forged wheels are just right.

Secondly, due to the difference in the above-mentioned manufacturing processes, forged wheels are lighter than cast wheels of the same size, which means that cars with modified forged wheels have better handling and safety during complex operations, while similar to VELOS The forged wheels made by a team like DESIGNWERKS who specialize in forging wheels will not crack or even break easily.

3. The difference between single-piece and multi-piece (two-piece, three-piece) and their respective advantages and disadvantages
Single-piece forged wheels are often lighter than multi-piece wheels of the same size. If you want to pursue the best lightweight, then it is recommended that you choose this forged wheel. In terms of dynamic balance, it will also be better than the multi-piece type, but because it is an integrated wheel hub, the shape is relatively simple and single, and it cannot meet individual needs.

Because the rims can be shared, the multi-piece forged wheels are more variable in shape and can better meet individual needs. It is because the tightness of the hub is particularly important for driving safety, so the assembly requirements for the modification of multi-piece forged hubs are relatively high, and it must be carried out in an experienced and trustworthy modification shop.

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