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How to repair a scratched wheel


There are slight scratches or scratches on the hub, and […]

There are slight scratches or scratches on the hub, and there are serious and deeper scratches on the slightly more serious hub. In this case, the hub can be repaired.

The details of the relevant fixes are as follows:
First, it is necessary to disassemble the wheel hub and thoroughly clean the wheel hub. When cleaning the wheel hub, be sure to wipe off all the oil stains on the surface of the wheel hub. Otherwise, if the painting is repaired later, it will directly affect the effect of painting.

Second, use a special wheel to polish the sandpaper. After soaking in water, first polish the scratches that have been rubbed until the scratches become particularly bright. If it is a particularly serious scratch, roughly polish it, and then use putty for it. Smear, smear to fill in the blanks. This is usually done multiple times to fill in the blanks. After filling, sand thoroughly with water sandpaper.

Third, spray paint directly. If it is local paint treatment, you need to use newspapers or special spray cloth for protection treatment elsewhere. After the protection is completed, you can spray paint normally, and then apply it after spraying. Oil treatment!

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